Hoyer 7801 #379626L WH

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Hoyer 7801 #379262L WH
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According to their website, the Hoyer 7801 is what is called a "Heritage" model, which confused me at first because it looks like a Kruspe wrap too. The reality is that Hoyer started with their 6801/6802 Kruspe wrap horns and altered them based off suggestions of some of the best hornists of all time, including Myron Bloom and Vincent De Rosa, to create the "Heritage" 7801 horn.

This 7801 Kruspe wrap from Hoyer is made of unlacquered yellow brass and is in good condition. The valve compression sits at about 1.1 which is very good and all parts are Hoyer original. The bell flare is detachable and it has a Hoyer bell ring that is compatible with Lawson/Alexander rings. The horn does not come with a case.

  • Key :F/Bb
  • Model :Heritage
  • Bore :.468" / 11,90 mm
  • Bell :12.204" / 310 mm
  • Valves :4 "aged-in" conical rotary valves, 3B linkage system
  • Features :Yellow brass body, hand-hammered extra-large (XL) throat bell (detached), gold brass lead pipe, adjustable thumb lever
  • Adjustable hand rest (flipper)
  • Finish :Unlacquered