Hoyer 6802NSAL #437393


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Hoyer 6802NSAL 437393 CB
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The Hoyer company went through a huge transformation after WWII, culminating in a new line of much lighter weight (and more professional quality) horns.  The 6802 (and 7802) are their updated versions of the worn out Conn 8D.  This one is made of lacquered nickel with a detachable bell (Hoyer uses an Alexander compatible bell ring).  It's all original and has fabulous compression (1.1).  If you've tried this model after having played an 8D you'll know why they have become so popular.  Slightly smaller bell throat than an 8d, and much better playability makes this a no-brainer.
Blue Hoyer detachable bell case included.
There are a few dings here and there and scratches in the lacquer.  There is no evidence of any previous repairs or damage.  Perfect horn for someone just going off to college!