Holton (Tuckwell) H190 #588829


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Holton H190 #588829 KT
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In the mid 1970's the Lawson family started to take 'ordinary' horns and transform them into something that played WAY outside of the original model.  They would install their custom leadpipes, bells and then they would rebuild their valves with spectacular tolerances.  This rare Tuckwell model H190 has had that upgrade.  It has a Lawson ambronze flare, and lawson leadpipe (the numbers are hidden inside the receiver tube, but it's most likely their most common pipe model) and the valves have been completely rebuilt.  Though this was done a few decades ago they still have fantastic compression (0.9) attesting to the high quality of their work.  The original lacquer has been stripped so it is now an unlacquered yellow brass model (except for the Ambronze flare), and a guard/patch has been added to the F branch.  This is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Truly a professional instrument, but with an ordinary name and an extraordinary past.  There are minor dings here as expected.
Protec detachable bell case included.