Holton H200 #554804

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Holton H200 #554804 JS
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Holton recognized the success of the Paxman model 40 Descant Bb/High F horn and they proceeded to try to create their own affordable version of it.
This H200 is wrapped like the older style model 40.  It's made of lacquered yellow brass and includes a stop valve (with extra slides).  The compression is great at 1.9,a nd the mechanical linkages mean you'll never have to worry about breaking a string mid-performance.
There are a few dings here and there but overall in great condition.  There are a few places where the degreaser has leaked out thus discoloring the lacquer, but this is purely cosmetic.
An Amado waterkey was added and the horn has the standard waterkey as well.  Why spend loads on a horn you'll rarely use!  Buy this model and enjoy your savings.
Holton detachable bell case included.