Holton H180 #539651


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Holton H180 #539651 CM
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The Lawson family initially started out by making custom components for 'standard' horns - bringing them up to a new level.  This Holton H180 has had one owner.  Lawson rebuilt the valves and installed a Lawson Leadpipe - making this a truly professional level horn.
This one has great compression (0.4) and is made of lacquered brass.  Much of the lacquer has worn off but there are no thin spots.  The FB114.25 leadpipe is unlacquered and has an amado waterkey installed.
The horn has a few dents (most noticeably one in the 3rd Bb and one at the top of the F branch) and many other smaller ones as well.  Both can be repaired without issue.  These are amazing playing horns (no wonder why Barry Tuckwell was so enthralled with them).
A large Gator case is included.   Just cleaned and ready to go.