Holton H177 #52900

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Holton H177 #52900 RS
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You're looking at a classic Holton H177 made in the original Elkhorn, WI factory. In 2008 the Elkhorn factory was closed and Holton moved to it's parent company, Conn, in Eastlake, OH. The instruments have since morphed into a Conn instrument. This H177 is made of lacquered nickel and given that it is over 40 years old it's in good original condition. There is the expected wearing of lacquer and very few minor dings. The compression measures 2.9/8.0 (the lower the number the better). Holton FB case included.

- Key of Bb/F double
- .468" bore
- 12-1/4" medium-throated, hand-hammererd nickel silver bell
- .310 venturi of nickel silver
- Tapered hand-lapped brass valve rotors
- Nickel silver branches, bows, and ferrules
- Solid nickel silver slides