Holton H177 #526886


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Holton H177 #526886 ??
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Holton's are considered the workhorse of the high school and college generation of players. The older horns, like this one, which were made in the original Holton factory in Elkhorn, Wisconsin before they were purchased by Conn and moved to the Eastlake Ohio factory, are of the highest quality.

This horn is made of lacquered nickel, though much of the lacquer has worn away. There are many dings here and there, but overall it is in good shape, especially considering it's age. There are three cracks in the bell bead due to previous damage which has been repaired, there is no vibration from these damages, so the horn still plays well.

Recently cleaned and disinfected it is ready to go.

A perfect double horn for a younger player.

The case is a Holton Fixed Bell case.

Compression is 2.6