Holton H105 Tuckwell Model horn #624102


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Holton H105 624102 AC
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This is a Holton H105 Professional French horn. Holton's flagship model, this instrument is based on the horn played by Barry Tuckwell, and is the finest French horn Holton has ever made. The pursuit of perfection has yielded a new-generation French horn of superior performance and superb intonation. The H105's technological and acoustical flexibility enables the artist to perform in a wide variety of playing situations.
This model featured a removable leadpipe system - on this horn the pipe has been converted to a fixed system.
It's overall in good condition with a compression reading of 2.4.  There are a few dings here and there but nothing major. 
These horns were designed with Barry Tuckwell's input - most likely influenced by his work with the Lawson family.
A detachable bell BAGS case is included.