Holton 179


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Holton H179 538732 KP
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There are so many hornists, both world class soloists and amateurs, who got their start on a Holton 179. It's one of the more common student horns out there and is a dependable option for a decent horn.

This H179 has definitely been used, but still has life left in it for some horn student out there. It's made of nickel silver with lacquer, though there are a multitude of scratches across the body and bell and most of the lacquer has deteriorated. There are a couple of dents on the bell tail that you can feel if you run your hand across but are hard to find with just your eyes. The compression reads at about 3.5, so it would require consistent oiling but would be fine for a responsible student. All components of the horn are Holton original, including a second Holton leadpipe that appears to have replaced the original. The horn is fixed bell and comes with a fixed bell case.