Hans Smit Compensating Triple horn Bb/F/F #2010

Hans Smit

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HansSmit WBM
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Hans Smit is a horn player and maker who is known overseas far more than here in America.  This horn might change that!  It's a compensating triple (which mean's it's lighter) - and no worries about the compression because it's fabulous at 1.1 (and that is after going through the valves 2x's on the F side of the horn - so in actuality it's much better).  Made of lacquered gold brass it's a really interesting design.  The main change valve is nearer to the flare to balance the horn better in playing position.  A Joy key has been added to the F 3rd slide (no worrying about unwanted 'Water Music' ;)  ) This horn is powerful and dark sounding.  Hans is a former professional player in the Netherlands (currently with the Dutch Radio Orch).  Other features include a detachable bell (Lawson/Alexander compatible), a flipper and an adjustable fingerhook.
It currently can only stand in Bb and then change to F (a stop arm could be manufactured to change this if so desired).  Detachable bell case included (Looks a bit like an MB7 with room for a mute).
This horn is a steal at this price!