Geyer Schmidt Model #173


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Geyer Schmidt 173
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Geyer horns are rare, the Schmidt style ones are FAR rarer!  This one has near perfect compression (0.2) due to a valve rebuild at some point in it's long history.  A valve rebuild on a Schmidt style horn is quite expensive in that it requires a full disassembly to remove the piston casing from the body.  This has already been done!  I can't say for certain, but it looks like all the inner slide tubes have been replaced (also explaining the near perfect compression).  Someone has put a lot of work and money into this horn.  There are multiple patches and guards including a few around the rim of the flare and a couple on the leadpipe.  The engraving is gorgeous.  Geyer made these when he first arrived in the U.S. after working for Wunderlich.  Own a piece of history that still plays wonderfully.

Fixed bell case included.