Ganter Vienna Horn with Nat. Horn Crooks as well!


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Ganter Vienna JR
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This Ganter Vienna horn is the real thing!  It plays and sounds just as one expects a Vienna horn to play and sound.  Big dark sound, very fluid slurs, and beautiful German craftsmanship.  Made in the early 1980's this horn was designed with help from famed hornist: Hans Pizka. This horn comes with 3 different leadpipe bits for F, A, and Bb, and the entire valve section can be removed.  It also features a large, engraved Krantz (Garland) on the flare.  This is not just a piece of art - it's an amazing playing horn with perfect 0.1 compression.  There are many smaller dings throughout, but nothing major.  The F leadpipe has a slight bend to it - but it functions fine.  Once the valve section has been removed the horn comes with a full set of crooks to use as a natural horn!

Ganter case included (has storage space for the leadpipes)