The new "Vintage 8D" model from Conn is a completely hand-assembled professional double french horn. This hand assembly increases the production time greatly but yields a horn that does not have the same stress at the solder joints giving the horn better vibration and therefore better performance. Also featuring a lightweight bell, the Vintage 8D model provides performance never before achieved from the legendary 8D. Conn is also annealing the bell and mouthpipe. This is a process where the metal is heated up to a "glowing" temperature and then slowly allowed to cool. This process hardens the metal and also helps to eliminate the stresses inherent in forming metal. This allows for a stronger metal that vibrates better. .468" bore 12.25" lightweight, annealed large throat bell Annealed mouthpipe All nickel construction Tapered rotors and bearings All string linkage Adjustable levers Extra long pull on 2nd Bb slide Hand lapped slides and rotors Clear Lacquer

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