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Everyone knows of the Elkhart 8D - the horn that everyone knows of as the 'Hollywood horn sound' and which many American orchestras played to create those fabulous older recordings (NY Phil, Clev. Orchestra etc.).  Conn decided to go back to their roots when they created the V8D.  Original bracing, more attention to detail and other changes make for a better 8D.  This one is in excellent condition.  Made of lacquered nickel it has a 2.4 compression, and I could only find one very minor ding (I mean, really really minor!).  You'll be saving a lot of money over a brand new one. 
A Conn/Eastman detachable is included.

Conn Vintage 8D Series Double Horn The Conn Vintage 8D Series Double Horn is the newest addition from the C.G. Conn pro shop in Eastlake, Ohio. The Vintage 8D features an .468-inch bore combined with a 12.25-inch large throat lightweight, hand annealed nickel silver bell plus a hand annealed nickel silver leadpipe for an amazingly responsive horn. This horn also features stress-free bracing and assembly for even more resonance.

Interview with former principal horn Clev. Orch. about the V8D.  click HERE