Conn 8DRS #5530291


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Conn 8DRS #5530291
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If you desire a deep dark tone, this is the horn for you.  8D's are already known for their dark noble tone - this has that plus, due to the red brass bell and tail, an even DARKER tone.  The red brass has a higher copper content which is softer than the standard nickel used in the 8D.  This one has a detachable bell (Lawson compatible) an Alexander Flipper has been added for comfort, and dimes on the levers mean you have a comfortable grip.  The valve compression is very good (2.1) so the horn has many decades of playing ahead of it.  The detachable bell means that you can travel with the horn if you have a airline compatible case.
The horn is tarnished (as to be expected on an unlacquered instrument), but it is in overall great condition.  Only a few minor dings could be found after much searching!
Make some graduate happy with this horn!

Conn Detachable bell case included.