Conn 8D (Elkhart) #L62499


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Conn 8D L62499 JZ
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This 'L' series Conn 8D felt SO much like the horn that I played through college - the one that made me want to become a professional hornist.  It has been converted to a detachable bell with a Lawson/Alexander ring, and has an Amado waterkey added to the leadpipe and an Duerk flipper has been added.  A protective guard has been installed by the inside of the bell tail by the thumb lever.  This horn sings - when i play it, it feels powerful.  The compression is good at 2.6, and the valves have never been rebuilt. Much of the lacquer has worn off and there are the expected dings here and there - overall it's in good condition and worth every cent.

A Marcus Bonna MB5 case is included.