Conn 8D (Elkhart) #L00515


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Conn 8D (Elkhart) #L00515 LH
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1965 was one a great year for Conn french horns (most of the 60's were!).  This 1965 8d has not been played that much as evidenced by the fact that the compression is 1.4 AND the valves were never rebuilt.
It sports all the usual hallmarks of 8Ds from this era (loss of lacquer and assorted dings, but is overall in very good condition.  The only alteration was that the fingerhook was moved to fit the owner's hand *(we can move this upon purchase at no charge).  The discoloration in certain areas is just due to loss of lacquer there.  Truly a classic 8d from a classic era.
Ritter soft gig bag included