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Conn 8D (Elkhart) #H58509 GL


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Conn 8D (Elkhart) #H58509 GL
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This 'H' series 8D from 1966 has all of the upgrades that one would want in a classic 8D.  The bell has been converted to detachable with a Lawson/Alexander ring, an Amado waterkey has been added to the leadpipe, the valves have been rebuilt (thus the wonderful compression reading of 1.2) a Clebsch strap has been added, AND the lacquer has been stripped.  You've all seen 8D's with terrible pitting - that was due to their extremely hard lacquer which, when it did wear or get chipped, would result in the nickel underneath getting deep pits. The original bell and tail have been replaced with a newer set from Conn.  There are 2 patches (one on the first branch, the other on the F tuning slide) which have been installed with care and precision.  This horn has been loved and cared for and PLAYED!  This is an affordable way to get into an Elkhart 8D with good compression and other expensive extras.

No case included.