Conn 8D (Elkhart) #E84326


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Conn 8D (Elkhart) #E84326 TG
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Made in Elkhart Indiana in 1965 this E series 8D harkens to Conn's golden years.  Everybody wanted/needed an 8D - they were the 'American' sound.  This one is in amazing condition.  The valves have a compression of 1.4 (Amazing!) and other than some minor dings and lacquer wear there is no evidence of any repairs or removed dents.  This horn has been babied!  An Amado waterkey has been added to the leadpipe and the lyre was removed - everything else is original.  Typically on these horns you'll see evidence of bell damage where the hand sits due to the thinness of the bell throat.  This horn doesn't have that! It has a great dark and powerful sound and the notes lock right in due to the amazing compression.

Conn fixed bell case included.