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Conn 8D Elkhart #C54555 OP


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Conn 8D Elkhart #C54555 OP
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You know a horn is amazing when you see the list of former owners.  This horn was played in both the NY Phil and the Cleveland Orchestra by 2 very well known players.  It's a 'C' series 8d with rebuilt valves (thus, the PERFECT compression reading of 0.1).  It was made in 1963 - the 'sweet spot' of Conn horn making.  It's all original except for the Yamaha bell ring (and subsequently the Yamaha detachable bell case!) and a replaced 8D leadpipe.  This horn PLAYS!  Obviously it's a dark sound, as you would expect given the sounds emanating from the NY Philharmonic and the Cleveland Orchestra during those times.  The lacquer has been stripped.  There are many small dings on the flare and some in the bell tail, but overall this horn has been very well taken care of.
Own a wonderfully playing piece of horn history.