Conn 8D #39-261936 RB


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Conn8D 39-261936
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Conn 8D's are like your favorite bathrobe.  Comfortable and it never lets you down.  I grew up playing an 8D. That dark sound is legendary.  This is a perfect horn for someone moving up to college at an affordable price.

It's made of lacquered nickel, though some of the lacquer is peeling.  An Alexander flipper has been added (A $65 value!), and a cute placard has been added to the top of the horn with engraving stating: 'Blow and Listen'.  
The valve compression is wonderful with a 0.9 reading.  minor dings here and there.  An extension (a formed quarter) has been added to the thumb valve for comfort, and a waterkey has been added as well.  This horn was made in Eastlake Ohio in 1989.

Includes a fixed bell Conn Case