Conn 8D #314282 (with 28D bell)


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Conn 8D 384212 AK
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You're looking at a 300,000 series Conn 8D.  These are RARE and very desirable.  This one has a Conn 28D bell, a custom hand rest, and the original owner's name (engraved in the leadpipe exquisitely).  The valves were rebuilt at some point in its history (this horn was 'born' in 1949!) and it has very good compression - 1.9!  The bell is from a 28D of the same vintage.  There are lots of areas of lost lacquer, a large guard/patch on the inside of the flare, and many dings.  Just cleaned, and tightened up - this classic is ready to go.
  Original case from 1949 included.