Conn 12D Bb/High F with stopping valve #5595879

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Conn 12D #5595879 JS
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Professionally owned and maintained this descant made by Conn came with a note that stated: "Pimped out by Gene Standley and Custom work done by Chuck Ward).  2 of the most recognizable names in playing and horn making.  This horn has a bell from a Conn 10D and has had many slide customizations.  All of this is expensive work and the horn plays like a sports car.  The perfect compression rating of 0.1 means it's ready to go and has its full life ahead of it.

The lacquer is missing wherever the horn was disassembled and custom parts were made for it.  There are minor dings, but overall it's in good condition.  Conn is known for taking existing designs and making affordable copies.  This design was based on the Paxman 40 (which costs a LOT more!).

No case.