Conn 11DRS #446337

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Conn 11DRS #446337 K
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When Conn entered the Geyer market we all knew they'd knock it out of the park - and they did.  The Boston Esplanade Pops section all played them for many years!  They offered both the medium and medium large sized flares.  This 11D has the larger flare AND it's rose brass, so it is nice and dark sounding.  (Many think that Geyer wrap horns tend to be too bright).  This horn is lacquered and is in excellent condition.  It's all original and I could only find 2 tiny (and I mean TINY) dings after much searching.  New, these horns go for 5K!!
A Conn Detachable Bell case is included.

You won't find a detachable bell horn of this quality in this price anywhere.
Compression is 1.6