Briz 980 N #59017


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Briz 980N #59017 HS
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Briz horns have become some of the most desired horns in the world at every price point.  From their high end 2000TPS to their entry level 680 - the craftsmanship is astounding.  The fact that this 5 year old 980N still sports PERFECT compression (0.1) shows how well these instruments are made.  This is a detachable bell Kruspe wrap horn with a Nickel body and a Gold Brass bell section.  The bell ring is Alexander/lawson compatible.  If you've owned an 8D you'll find these much easier to play in all ranges.
This one has some lacquer scratching and evidence of removed dents in the bottom (the 'usual' place).  It's all set to go - a perfect horn for someone moving up to a double.  The compression assures good slotting and intonation.
Briz detachable bell case included.