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Briz 1000N #3657 AC


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Briz 1000N #3657 AC
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Briz horns are in the hands of the top players in the world, from the principal horn of the Berlin Phil, to Radovan Vlatkovic - and that means they PLAY!  These horns are gorgeously hand crafted in a small shop that ONLY makes horns.  The 1000N is a Kruspe wrap horn that plays FAR easier than any 8D, and the intonation is spot on.  This one is made of lacquered nickel and has a detachable bell (Lawson/Alexander ring compatible) The compression is perfect at 0.1, and other than a couple very tiny dings/scratches in the bell it's perfect.  You can save a few hundred off a new one simply due to that!

The original owner loved this horn but had to stop playing due to focal dystonia.  If you've tried this model you know how great they play. 
Briz detachable bell case included.