Besson model 600 3/4 size compensating double. #12086


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Besson 600 12086 FN
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If I had a banana around the shop when taking these pictures of this horn I would have placed it next to the horn as a reference of scale, but yes, we have NO bananas so you'll have to use your imagination as to how cute (and playable!) this horn is.  It's a 3/4 sized compensating double horn made by Besson.  Standard sized horns are often too large for some beginning players and the contortions they player has to go through to hold the horn correctly is bad for their embouchure.  Not so with this horn!  The player can easily rest it on their leg without lifting their head up to reach the mouthpiece.  These horns originally sold for around $1400 and that was a good 8 years ago.  This one is in FINE condition with only a few minor dings.  The compression is 2.9 - but that is across 8 valves since it passes through the valve section 2x's when playing in F. 
The linkages are all mechanical so you don't have to be concerned with them breaking a string.
Inspire your budding horn player with this wonderful instrument.

Fixed bell plastic case included.