Alexander 1104 #6026


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Alexander 1104 #6026 MB
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The Alexander 1104 is still being made!  Their 'Geyer' style instruments were a big hit in the American markets in the 60's (Boston Symphony had an entire section of Geyer style Alexander horns!).  This one has the extra Stopping valve (with an extra lever).  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass with an aftermarket detachable bell conversion (Alexander ringset was used).  There's an added Amado waterkey on the F side and the original waterkey on the leadpipe.  The compression across 5 valves is 1.4 - fabulous!  Lots of little dings, but nothing serious. No patches.  Lots of places where there is evidence of the soldering from the bell cut.
Get that famed German horn sound but with a famed American wrap!
BAGS of Spain case included.