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Alexander 107X-MAL (LIKE NEW) #36722 DC


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Alexander 107X-MAL #36722 DC
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This 107 Descant horn by Alexander is in almost perfect condition.  It's made of lacquered yellow brass, has PERFECT compression (0.1) and a detachable flare.  It's all original and even includes a Marcus Bonna MB2 case (A $550 value!).  New, this model sells for $9674 without a case!!
The owner is no longer playing and divesting himself of his instruments.  Descant horns are basically a form of insurance.  Got high notes?? Grab a descant.  People will be amazed at your accuracy.
Of course this is the same model that is used (when the situation calls for it) in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra horn section.

The horn also has a stopping valve so that your gestopf playing is in perfect tune!
Why pay over $2000 more for one that is considered 'new' when this is 99 percent like new (2 tiny tiny tiny dings in the flare, which are almost invisible)

MB2 case included