Alexander 107 with F extension slide PW


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Used descant horns are the ONLY way I would buy a descant.  The reasoning is that they barely get used, so once they come back on the market they're quite inexpensive.  This horn is a perfect example of that.

Priced less than new low quality descants, this is made by Alexander - the famed horn making company in Germany.  This horn is made of unlacquered yellow brass.  The discoloration is simply because it has sat unplayed for so long and the brass simply tarnished.  The interior of the flare is silver plated so you don't have to be concerned with allergic reactions on your right hand from being in direct contact with brass.

This horn has been freshly cleaned in our fancy ultrasonic machine and it is ready to go.  It has 2 leadpipe nibs and an Amado waterkey.  All of this PLUS the compression is 1.1 and that amazingly good number is over 6 (SIX!!) valves - that is truly incredible.

So, in the end, no more fear of those high Haydn symphonies or anything that might come across your music stand - with the descant and the F extension everything is right at your fingertips.

Alexander fixed bell case included.