Alexander 102


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Alexander 102 MW
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Let's talk about compression: This horn is a compensating double horn, which means that when you're playing on the F side of the instrument, the air is passing through all the valves twice. This horn has an amazing compression rating of 0.4 on the F side of the horn, which is the equivalent of passing through 8 valves. Basically, this horn has it's entire life ahead of it in terms of valve wear. Compensating horns are wonderful to play when they have tight valves. Their light weight makes playing high much easier. No need to pull out those F slides when playing the Bach B minor Mass, as so many of us do.

This horn is made of lacquered gold brass (there are many spots where the lacquer has worn away) and is overall in very good condition. It has the newer style mechanical linkages. And every valve with the exception of the stopping valve can be reversed, if desired. 

Also included is the high end Alexander "Gentlemans" case, a small carry on hard case.